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Automobile, consider before buying

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Before buying a car, you must consider some very important things that affect the costs of its operation. In the UK, cars, especially the older ones, are much cheaper. However, we can not compare only the purchase price; it does not affect the overall operation of the vehicle, which can be very expensive...

The purchase price is lower, but there are problems with insurance then. Insurance price depends on many factors, such as the driver’s gender, type of employment, whether he/she is the owner of a house, where he/she lives, but also age and how long have you been driving in the UK. If you have no driving experience in the UK, then the insurance is very high and can go far over the GBP 2 000 per year.

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There are three possibilities how to insure a car. We deal only with one, the most common - collision insurance associated with compulsory insurance. Collision insurance is not much different in terms of price. It is called Fully Comprehensive. It may happen that two people of the same age, working in the same job and living in the same house can have a different insurance by 50%. The one, who will pay the lower, can boast a few years of driving without incident in Britain. The price of insurance is based also on the performance of the vehicle; these are clearly sorted in groups. The vehicle then must not be driven by anybody who is not registered to it. In Britain, the driver is insured to drive the vehicle, not vice versa, as we are used to.

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When you own a car in the UK and have the car insurance, then you can drive a car of your friend, but you are covered only by statutory insurance for theft and fire. Another factor that plays a role is Road tax - tax for road usage. It is paid by anyone who go on the road or is just standing on the road and do not use the car at all. The price is around GBP 220 for one year, at least for my Škoda Octavia. This tax is based on exhaust gases, which the car produces. The latest cars produce so little exhaust gases that drivers do not pay any tax, but the purchase price is somewhere else, they are really completely new cars with such a revolutionary green technology.

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Technical inspection or MOT is carried out every year. The price of the inspection ranges from 50 to 65 pounds. It is necessary to note that the inspections are quite strict and it is difficult to escape from a technician and his computer unharmed. What is important to mention is that the repairs are very expensive in the UK, so a replacement of a new starter cost me 200 pounds.

My bill for a car I owned about 7 years ago looked like this. It was my first car in Britain and I was under 25. Peugeot 307, 1,9 diesel (no turbo), year 1994, price of annual insurance approximately 1400 pounds, road tax 180 pounds, MOT 60 pounds, basic repairs 300 pounds after MOT. So the bill went up to dizzying nearly two thousand pounds! At that moment, I rather got rid of the car.

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More hints like this: Life in the UK.