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Beer in England

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Truthfully, beer or lager is not among the most pleasing things that you can get in a bar in England.

Beer is really supersaturated, and in comparison with the Czech beer, you can not drink the same amount, plus you would not be surprised by the price 3,50 per pint. There is no foam on the beer in Britain.

Each bar has large selection of beers, black Irish Guinness, light lager Stella Artois or Carlsberg can not be missed. Other brands are San Miguel, Coors Light, Becks, Amstel, Fosters, Carling, but also Staropramen and the like. Another type of beer is so-called bitters. Their taste is a little bit bitter, they are weaker, but do not contain chemicals like lagers. In my observation, this beer is drunk mostly by elderly people.

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In Manchester, there are a number of great bars. Belgium bar in Altrincham is really peculiar.
It boasts its 300 different kinds of beer of which 10 kinds are draft beer.

Typical English pubs have a touch of ancient taverns seen in the movies. They have something to it, judge for yourself. 

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More hints like this: Life in the UK.