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Business in Czech style

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The issue of poisonous alcohol is growing and number of victims is increasing. I would not like to be an investigator when all the attention is focused on the results of investigation. What strikes me is the fact that apparently the reason was a quick profit. 

It is not a fault in production, storage or distribution, or any act of terrorism. It just points to depraved morality. For a few quick bucks that someone made, people are dying.

The approach to business should change. If the priorities of a businessman are only profit and enrichment in the first place, we can not avoid similar tragedies in the future. Today it is adulterated alcohol tomorrow it may be a trade with drinking water, which can have larger consequences.

To be successful in the business world, ruled by overproduction and oversaturated markets, is not easy. In addition, I have the impression that here still prevails the opinion that business means to think only of yourself and others just pay when they are stupid. If Mr. Jančura led Student Agency taking a similar approach, we would never have a competition in transportation as we have today. The winner of these healthy competitive battles is always a customer and that is how it should be. But I am not talking about a pretended competition of our famous mobile operators who still hold together and prices are stagnating for years. Abroad, there is a decreasing tendency.


Many people still understand a businessman as a dirty word, which is the result of wild nineties. The local environment has to change if we want to be a competitive country. We have resources, especially outstanding young students who, unfortunately, go abroad for better conditions. Primarily, it is health and IT fields.

Looking at the UK, we see a different model. Authorities do not crimp small tradesmen and do not suffocate them with the bureaucracy, which is unprecedented in our country.

Authorities in the UK help solve problems, not create them. When you employ a worker in Britain, you do not have to pay for him again a social and health insurance, which he pays himself anyway. A businessman must already face competition, fight the crisis, develop new products, solve currency fluctuations, counterfeits from China, market flooding with cheap and poor quality products and on top of that to fight with officials and double taxation. After all, businesses employ workers and contribute to the development of the whole economy. Why the state is looking for possibilities of artificial job creation, which is very expensive and does not support the business?

The state does not help businessmen at all, it is shown in the result of a survey published by server „Low rate of tax security and frequent changes in tax laws, according to most domestic firms, negatively influence or even directly harm their business.  This stems from the June survey by Deloitte“.

Business environment and perception of business must change. We must not see only our interest and own profit. The mission of a company should be the improvement, simplification of the life of a customer, a problem solving. If this is the main motivation and then profit, we will be able to prevent corruption scandals and avoid such things as adulterated alcohol. 

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