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Digital City – The Sharp Project

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The digital world is experiencing a real boom. Is it just a bubble or is it a real revolution?

Manchester goes with digital time of 21st century and has high ambition and wants to become a superpower in the digital world in 2020. The city has invested millions of pounds to the development and support of new technologies. Now it has attracted a large investor and leader in this area, so he could establish his European headquarters for 3D design and thus will create jobs for 240 people.

This new development follows the existing great success, which has brought 287 jobs to the area and since its beginning is full of 75 percent.

We all know Manchester as an industrial city. It has not been so for long time and the last drop was the official closing of port in Salford Quays in the mid 90s of the last century. The Sharp Project gives the city a whole new perspective and is an example of the fact that the city is ambitious, innovative and goes with the times.

City Council understood that there is no other way in current information age, if the city still wants to attract tourists, investors, new students and face the global superpowers such as London, Paris, New York or Singapore in these areas of interest. There are three universities in Manchester and it was also voted one of the top 10 places to see in Britain for leisure.

It is a shame that new technologies do not have so much space and financing in the Czech Republic as in the world. Moreover, the Czech Republic can boast a number of quality universities with a focus on new technologies for the digital age, which produce many desired experts. This unfortunately leads to an outflow of talented people abroad. 

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More hints like this: Blog.