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How to buy a real estate in England, part one

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This year, I went through this process for the first time. Buying a house need not to be a horrible task if you prepare for it. 

Take advantage of all the possible information on the Internet, but especially contact your consultants – real estate agent, mortgage consultant, solicitor, insurance agent and maintenance workers who will do the reconstruction. This article is not a comparison between buying a real estate in the Czech Republic and Great Britain. It describes only personal experience.

It is necessary to find out information about the location at the municipal office and tremendous help can be also a salesman at a local store, a bartender in a pub or a taxi driver.  You’d be surprised what you can learn about the place you thought you knew well.

In my opinion, to own a house is better than to rent it. The main reason is that the owner can terminate your rent anytime he pleases. On the other hand, the owning a house brings different problems, nobody would give you money back when a washing machine or boiler broke down. A major problem can be also deposit for the mortgage.

The first step is to find a suitable property and ask yourself these questions: how close is a bus stop, how close is a market, school, work? Is this area safe? Who are my neighbors? Is there parking right in front of the house on my own land, on the road or it is a residential area where you need parking tickets? What is the condition of the house, and so on.  I believe that you certainly come up with a lot more questions.

Another important element is the Estate agent. Try to get as much information as you can from that estate agent, so that you not buy a property in a location where prices go down and there is no interest in this area. You can sell the house sometimes in the future, so make it a good investment.

Consider also if you want to rent the house.

I focused only on rent for our customers. An important criterion was to get easily not only to the center of Manchester, but the area should also provide an opportunity to transport to every part of the city, where they could work and accommodation will make traveling to work easier.

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