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How to buy a real estate in England, part three, works continues (updated – works completed)

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I approached the reconstruction carefully, especially the price of it. With staff we negotiated a date by which all works must be completed, and a fixed price was set before the works started. Now, no big problem should surprise me. 

I have done a detailed list of all possible defects, it cost 300 pounds and was processed by a specialized agency. However, this research is not compulsory for a mortgage, it was just my choice because I want to be sure that the property does not hide any major defects.

To my amazement, the estimated price of reconstruction made by Slovak workers was much higher than by English worker, whose work I could see on other house and which was recommended to me. So I did not hire a bungler, for which the English are often taken. Complete wall papering, tearing down old wallpapers, walls repair, painting and all carpets replacement will not exceed 3 weeks.

Works have just begun, so I don’t know yet if I rushed things and do not save in the wrong place.

Reconstructions are completed on time. Floors repaired, carpets laid, old wallpapers scraped and newly painted. All got a fresh look. Also the kitchen appliances are replaced and we can begin to assemble furniture.

If someone takes this as instructions, I have to mention the necessary gas and electricity control by an expert and the hot water heater test. If you are going to use the property for rental purposes, then the hot water heater test with a certificate is absolutely necessary, it is required by law.

These necessary adjustments lasted about 3 weeks, but could be done faster. The total price of these necessary adjustments was 8 000 pounds.  

I must also commend the work of British workers, to which I did not have so much confidence in the beginning, given the rumors about their ways of work. I am fully satisfied with their work on this house. 

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More hints like this: Blog.