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Own experience – Manchester and Public Transport

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How to transport around Manchester? After arrival to the UK I had to realize, just like every other European, that driving directions are reversed here.

Although this fact is widely known, it is not so easy to do as I initially thought. It happened to me a few times that instead of sitting down on the passenger seat I automatically sat on the driver’s seat and many times I waited a few minutes before I could run across the road. It is not difficult, however, in a week I hardly noticed it.         

In Manchester you can travel by several different ways, the most I used traveling by bus (the double-decker), mainly to work or to the center. Bus services are provided by several companies, which vary both in prices and routes. Definitely, it is cheaper to buy a multi-day ticket which saves tens of pounds a month. I personally paid for bus travel 12 pounds a week.  Two good advices for all: Do not rely on the accuracy of buses and always give thanks to the driver!

Metrolink, which is similar to tram, and train are other means of transportation in Manchester. Speed and convenience is higher, on the other hand, however, it will be reflected financially and very significantly. You can also take a ride in a classic English taxi that will take you exactly to where you need to go, which is good especially when you are in a hurry or if there is nothing going late at night. Before you get in the taxi, inform yourself about the price, in your own interest.

During my stay in Manchester I got to know people who bought a bicycle to move freely around the city, which can also be a very good way of transport, especially if you have troubles traveling from work to work.

Where to go for a trip?

Although I spent in Manchester only less than three months, the stereotype started to get on my nerves. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to relax somehow.

Me and my friends thought that it would be fun to take a short trip. In Great Britain there are many cities worth visiting. Just nearby Manchester there are cities such as Liverpool and Blackpool, through which you can travel in a single day. To visit London, the journey will take about five hours. Bus connections can be found at NationalExpress, Megabus websites and accommodation at

We were, however, attracted by something else than England itself. We headed north to a country that is well-known for producing the best whiskey in the world and also for its national here William Wallace. More about this trip can be found in this article.

Author: Michal Zelba

About the author. Michal, a student from the Czech Republic, was in Manchester during the summer holidays in 2012. He worked in a restaurant. He spent his free time with occasional trips and exploring Britain. With this article he wanted to share his experience of traveling. 

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More hints like this: Life in the UK.