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Own experiance - Scotland

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I want to go on a trip! Great Britain is not only London with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben clock tower and Tower Bridge. It is mainly the country which can offer much more. Just find the right place.

With friends we wanted to get away from the usual work routine, and so we decided to get up from a chair and visit a country that is well-known for the best whiskey in the world. I do not know what attracted me so much, but I wanted to see Scotland. We did not want to plan anything, we just booked tickets and hotels for overnight stays. Tickets across the UK you can order on the websites NationalExpress, Megabus or

Glasgow was the first stop on our short trip around Scotland. It is over 5 hours from Manchester and if you book your ticket well in advance, it will cost you around 10 pounds.

All it took was an hour and the landscape started to change from boring planes to interesting hills with incredibly beautiful green vegetation, grass that was grazed by sheep. About a quarter of an hour after our arrival we realized that we are in a completely different country. Different architecture, different companies, different people - more cool, so to speak. It was rather a young city.

In advance, we found accommodation for three people in the Ibis Budget hotel, which, as the name suggests, is a network of hotels that are financially friendly, especially for young people. One night for a person, including breakfast, was 15 pounds.

The next day we went on to the east. An hour later we arrived to the capital of Scotland - Edinburgh. This time we booked a hostel in the marginal area Leith. Accommodation was a little more expensive, but there was a family atmosphere in a cozy little room full of antique furniture.

I really wanted to see the sea, so we set out to the coast. On the map, it looked like a few hundred meters, but we walked over three hours. We stopped on the way to buy some food.  But what was a surprise for us when instead of banknotes with head of Queen Elizabeth, we were given back completely different money. Later, we gathered several kinds of money in Scotland and figured out that probably every Scottish bank issues its own money.

On the Porto Bello beach we bought some wine and were talking and listening to crashing of waves and cold wind. It was already dark, but it was really an experience to lie on a sandy beach with a jacket and a winter hat on.

The next day we went to visit the city of Edinburgh. I have never seen anything so beautiful.  Ubiquitous pipers and typical blue flags were everywhere. Nearby, there was the famous Edinburgh Castle looming, to which we did a short hike.

We also visited the Scotch Whisky Experience and a kilts manufactory. We wanted to catch the ZOO, which is said to be very popular, but we were already pretty exhausted.

It is all just about to see anything, have experience and clear your head. 

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