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How to arrange an insurance (NIN) for stay in England

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Before you go to work in England, it is necessary to visit the insurance company in your own country. Have them advise you of insurance options abroad for a period during which you will be looking for a job. This is in case that you do not have a job secured in advance and thus the exact date of starting your employment is unknown.

We prepare these tips according to our experience with many clients from outside the UK. European insurance card does not replace travel insurance and is intended only for acute treatments. Once you start working, you need to deregister from the insurance company in the Czech Republic within 8 days from the start of employment. It will vary from country to country.

Deregistration can be done by a registered letter sent to the insurance company address along with the insurance card (also European if issued) and pay slip or the contract of employment.

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Everything can be also sent by e-mail with attached scanned documents. The letter of employment will also serve. When the term of deregistration is not respected, a penalty may be charged for the entire period from the start of the employment.

European insurance card is not enough.
In all EU countries and some other European countries it is possible, due to the European Health Insurance Card (so-called EHIC) to draw care in health facilities funded from public sources. The payment for treatment using this card performs health insurance companies in the prices applicable in the state.

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In most countries, there is a high participation of patients in health care payments, the European card also does not provide financial security in case of transport to your country and of course does not include any assistant service.

Deregistration from the office is necessary under all circumstances, even if you are not on welfare. In case you are receiving benefits for at least 4 weeks, it is possible to apply for payment of this benefit in an EU country on the basis of form E302. You have to register at the local Employment Office in the country within 7 days from the date of arrival.


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