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How to find a job in England

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I get a lot of emails with asking for help. People ask if I know a reliable agency that helps to find jobs. I will tell you how to choose the right agency.

Author: Stanislav Hedvik, author of Tales from England blog.

First, I would like to warn you against agencies that provide information only. Before leaving for the UK, in November 2006, I visited one unnamed agency in Zlín. This company provided me registration, promotional materials, DVD with one advertising website for CZK 3 000. I also got a brochure about living and working in England and Ireland and a card with a number for telephone assistance.

So what would I recommend you when looking for an agency? Enter its name and look for the customer experience or references. An experienced agency has a professional website. It should contain information about the company.

If you dare, you can buy an air ticket and go to work to England on your own. Take a large amount of money with you that cover a minimum period of 30 days. I recommend about 1 000 pounds (i.e. CZK 30 000 according to the current exchange rate). This reserve will be used in case of return.

My journey to work in Britain began with an ad in Annonce newspapers. After phone call I was told my flight departure date. After arrival, I paid over five hundred pounds, which was about CZK 23 000. The fee included rent, refundable accommodation fee, city tax, payment for the agency, rechargeable mobile card. According to the experience of Adam Wojnar from, he, however, recommends a double amount of money for stay in England.  You have to count with the variant that you will receive a salary with monthly delays.


Ways of working in the Uk
If you are looking for a job in the UK, you can encounter different kinds of working hours:

  • Full Time – full time job, you work 37, 40, 42 and 48 hours a week
  • Part Time – part time job, you usually work 16 – 35 hours a week


It is similar to work in the Czech Republic. In addition, you can encounter words like Temporary, Permanent and Bank. What is it? Temporary means temporary employment. It usually ends within a specified date. If you have Permanent, you can talk about luck – it means a permanent employment. Conversely, Bank means an occasional employment. A lot of people think that bank relates to the bank. If you work Bank, the employer can call you at any time. On the other hand, you have a lot of free time. You work directly as employees of the company. When you work through an agency, you have a contract. Mostly the agency is required to find you a job, if you lose one. If it does not find you a job, it will lose its commission. It is due to the fact that it receives a reward directly from your employer for your hours worked. Another type of agency is, which will accompany you to the employer. They will help you to find a job. However, you are not an employee of the agency.

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