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Important documents - P45, P46, P60, NINo, pay slip, WRS

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Familiarize yourself with important documents that are used to find a job in the UK.

P45 – credit sheet, you will receive upon termination of employment. It is required to be handed in another job or after return to the Czech Republic to the insurance company and the Employment Office.

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P60 – a document for tax processing that the employer automatically issues after the end of the tax year. The tax year is from April 6th to April 5th. The tax refund may be requested at any time, even several times a year.

Tax Credit – is a contribution when working 30h per week minimum, but 35 h maximum and you must apply for it by telephone. More information can be found on

NINo (National Insurance Number) – Registration for tax and insurance payers. NINo is similar to our ID, but it is just a number, no card has been issued. When taking up the job without it, you will get BR tax code and will pay the wage tax almost 30%. But when you get this number and request a code change in your employer, the tax will immediately reduce to limit just over 20%. All overpaid taxes will be refunded, you just have to ask for the refund at the Tax Office (HMRC). It is so-called Tax Return/refund. Necessary documents to tax refund are P60 or P45 and your pay slip. More information about taxes can be found in this article

Pay slip. Employers pay money weekly, biweekly, monthly or every 4 weeks.

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WRS (Work Registration Scheme) – this registration was canceled on April 30th, 2011. There is no fee to pay.
Registration for work in the UK for workers from EU countries. It is inevitable for those who want to work in the GB legally. The WRS must be requested within 30 days from the day of starting employment. Just complete the form and send it as recorded delivery. Slip from the post then show to your employer. 

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