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Jobs in England for couples

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Are you interested in jobs in England for couple? You both can earn up to CZK 47 488 per month. We are looking for jobs in Manchester at restaurants, bars and other places.

Question: Can you find a job for a young couple?

To take advantage of our services, the knowledge of English is required at the level of the candidate being able to do at least a brief interview with a local employer. Local employers are generally smaller companies that do not seek more staff at a time. Rather, it is one job. A job for the same employer is not guaranteed, but shared accommodation is matter of course. Contact us for details of cooperation.

What other benefits you can get?

  • As a couple, you can earn up to CZK 47 488 per month. It means CZK 23 744 for one person.
  • You learn better English in restaurants, bars and other places. Therefore, we are looking for your jobs in these places.
  • When looking for a job for couples and our clients, we achieve a 98% success.


For more information about cooperation, please contact us.

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More hints like this: FAQ.