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Part-time work

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Alternative-time work, as it can be also called, is common in the Western world. It is basically any working hours that is not eight hours a day five days a week. 

Here in the Czech Republic we are still behind despite the unfavorable development of the labor market and economic environment. The worst situation with finding a job is for elderly people before retirement, fresh graduates and mother with children. Unfortunately, our system is rigid and any deviation from the „normal“ established by the Communist system is still a big problem both by employers and legislation and citizens.

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Here are a few facts.

Most women work part-time in the Netherlands (75,8%). Followed by Germany (45,3%, Austria (42,9%) and United Kingdom (42,5%).

Most men work part-time in the Netherlands as well (24,9 %). Followed by Denmark (15,3 %, Sweden (14,3 %) and United Kingdom (11,8 %).

Part-time jobs in the EU are mostly used by young people and older workers. For the first group, it is a chance how to combine motherhood and work or school and work. For older workers it is a chance how to be active as long as possible. On average 32% women and 8% men in the EU work part-time. The Czech Republic is, however, significantly left behind the Western Europe.

Part-time jobs allow seniors to work as long as possible. The high employment rate of older citizens is very important for the sustainability of the pension system in the future. Fewer children are being born and soon nobody will contribute to pensioners, and the largest pyramidal system, as the pension system can also be called, falls like a house of cards.

Thanks to part-time jobs employers can respond flexibly to economic fluctuations in production, and thus, they do not have to send their non part-time employees to various holidays, which nobody certainly likes. It is also proven that shorter working time leads to more efficient performances and it is also a great advantage for young families with children, where one parent can easily stay longer at home with the child.

A mother then can stay home with her child long enough and at the same time she can work, bring money into the joint budget and not to fall out of the company’s activities. The number of employees working part-time was 2,4% men and 9,9% women in the Czech Republic in 2009.

I believe that this type of working hours could soften the impact of a global economic crisis in our country. 

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