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Tax refund/Rebates for free

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Taxation is a complex issue that accompanies us throughout our life and is constantly changing. The good news is that the rebate handling system is still the same. 

Tax redund or rebate of taxes is quite short and concise process. Just complete the form P91 and send it to the Inland Revenue office, which is the financial office. You can download the form on our website, below this article, or you receive it at an Inland Revenue office, where you can complete it and submit it.

Documents required to be sent with the form: 

P60 – an overview of the tax paid for the tax year

P45 – credit sheet from the job where you have worked during the tax year


Processing of the rebate takes about sex week. Not everybody is eligible to get a rebate, more on the topic in this article.

Documents to download:

Document to the rebate of taxes, if you are still in the UK

Document to the rebate of taxes, if you are going to leave or you have just left the UK

Take advantage of an agency´s charged services.

If you are lost or you do not want to deal with taxes, then there are agencies that handle everything for you. The service charge is approximately 65 pounds. You can use the services of the certified agency.

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More hints like this: Life in the UK.