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Tax refund/Rebates – What to pay attention to

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Have you decided to arrange a rebate of income tax yourself? Then pay attention to these things.

Keep all documents together. This is probably the most basic thing. If you miss any documents, you can ask an agency for help, but services are not free of charge.

The documents required for rebates are P45 – credit sheet or P60 – tax document for tax payment from your employer. This document is processed by the employer who is obliged to issue it for you without request every year.

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A copy of passport, a copy of driving license or ID card.

Tax refund/Rebates for free.
Pay slip. If you do not have a P60 or P45, then you will have to show the last pay slip from your previous or current employer. HMRC, however, requires P45 or P60, even if they know about all of your payments from their system.

The bank account to which you have paid a rebate check. HMRC also pays rebates via bank transfer directly to your bank account.

You can apply for the rebate at any time during the year.

Rebate usually takes up to 30 days.

If you have or had two or more jobs in the tax year in which you apply for the rebate, you must also send the P45 or P60 from these employers.

Understand taxes.
If you have multiple jobs at once, you have certainly noticed that the tax code begins with letters BR – emergency tax code. With these jobs you do not get your rebate back at all. It is up to you which job you report as the main job, from which you will apply for the rebate. I recommend to report as the main job the one where you work the most hours, or where you make the most money.

Other option is to apply for a rebate of taxes to a private agency whose services are charged. The price is around 65 pounds, but the process is easier for you.

DENDAX – a company engaged in the handling of rebates.

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