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Spain - Manchester flight 2014

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There are plenty of ways how to travel now-days. I concentrate on air travel here.

A flight ticket does not have to cost much thanks to low cost airlines like Ryanair, Jet2 or EasyJet.

I’d like to share one destination that I chose today as an example. We will be travelling from Madrid, Spain to Manchester, UK. I chose one-way ticket for one person, one month ahead from today.

If you concider going to the UK, you can always visit our section full of tips or an online course.

Madrid -  Manchester

Ryanair €33.99. Luggage 15kg €15 

Spain Madrid Manchester ticket

Madrid - Liverpool

EasyJet €32.99 to Liverpool, there is a shuttle bus to Manchester for just £8. Luggage 20kg €19

Barcelona -  Manchester

Jet2 €38.32. Luggage 22kg €25 

As you can see the air travel is very cheap and convenient. I chose Manchester because this is where I travel most. Our houses are located in the south part of Manchester city.

Cost of your luggage varies as well as weight depending on an airline. I always travel with Ryanair, theirs airplanes are good and cabin crew always helpful.


Adam Wojnar

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More hints like this: Transport.