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Transportation Czech Republic - Manchester

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Prices vary depending primarily on the time, how long in advance you decide to travel to Britain. The mean of transportation itself is not a price difference. Some prefer comfort, for others is important the amount of luggage they can take with them free of charge.

I have personal experience with both and mostly use the air transport. But I must admit that I was grateful for buses when a volcanic ash grounded all European air transport.

By plane

One-way ticket purchased one month before the planned flight. The price does not include an extra charge for luggage. Extra charge is around CZK 400.

  • CZK 1 694
  • CZK 1 489
  • CZK 1 171

For travelers from Ostrava more acceptable option is to fly from Katowice International Airport.

  • CZK 550

By bus

  • Prague – London – Manchester there is no direct connection.
  • Eurolines CZK 1 580, sometimes offers a discounted price of CZK 890.
  • Studentagency CZK 1 950

Both buses require a connection to Manchester where change bus to London with NationalExpress for the price of GBP 10 (approximately CZK 300)



+ Speed

+ Convenience, length of flight with waiting at the airport 4,5 hours

- Required to travel from an airport

- Limited baggage allowance, hand baggage 10 kg and sizes, large 20 kg with extra charge


+ Almost unlimited baggage allowance

+ For those who have a fear of flying

+ Bus stops directly in city centers

- Long and tiring journey

- Price does not correspond to time demands (approximately 24 hours)


Search prices 27.6.2012 for 1.8. To 2.8.2012. Airline prices are subject to change with each new search (several times per day).

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More hints like this: Transport.