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What I like about Britain

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The United Kingdom is still part of Europe, but it can firmly maintain its traditions

They still pay in British pounds and outdated imperial system, such as a pint, mile or pound as weight unit, still exists. The British do not allow the European Union to talk in their politics, they drive on the right side and people treat each other differently. Or, at least in my experience.

Politics and corruption I do not rather mention.

National pride is evident in every international sport event. There are national flags hanging on houses and cars. They do not even curse their representatives, if they are not in shape.  This is apparently the Czech phenomenon. The British are generally kinder not only to themselves, but also to foreigners who live on the islands. They can even ignore the fact that a foreigner working in Britain does not understand English perfectly. In restaurants, they do not scorn a waiter for having a strong accent of his native language.

The system of buying and selling is more sophisticated and more transparent, whether you buy a property, choose car insurance or find out how expensive phone calls provided by local mobile operators are. Also prevailing credit car payments help to better transparency of transactions, and thus deteriorating environment for bribes.

The labor market is much faster and more flexible. A job can be found from day to day. The British know that and often do not hesitate to move to the other side of their country or even abroad for a good job.

All events are not concentrated in the capital. Manchester annually holds government meetings and there is also a place of BBC, from where a known automotive show Top Gear is being broadcasted. Other cities such as Chester, Liverpool, York, Glasgow or Edinburgh are exceptional for their history and architecture.

Britain gave rise to the world’s most popular football clubs, the most famous actors and musicians. Everybody knows the names like the Beatles, Sean Connery, Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones, William Shakespeare, Manchester United, Chelsea FC, BBC, Xfaktor or agent 007. What is worth mentioning is the car company producing Mini, Aston Martin, Jaguar or Rover. Prepaid mobile cards also originated in Britain.

Things I could get by

Pervasive rainy, cold and windy weather. Financial differences among people, huge differences in education and living with people from around the world and the diversity of religion gave Britain the label „destroyed society“.

Britain is an island nation, but you can not swim there unless you are a cold water swimmer. The sea around the island is very cold and even despite the fact that the Golf Stream flows around. There are no summer swimming pools or dams, which would be open to the public for swimming.

Winter sports are not doing much better. Some British do not even know about the Winter Olympic Games. As if winter sports would not even exist, due to mild weather and lack of mountains and it is despite the fact that British allegedly showed Canadians ice hockey for the first time.

However, the economic environment, seats of the world’s financial institutions, law enforcement and financial stability are the main reasons why even in times of global economic crisis, the prices of real estates in some London locations are growing and there is also the overall increase in investment. Of course I know that not everything is pink, I have been living in Britain since 2004.

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