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What is eBook Life In Britain about?

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This eBook is really unique, there is nothing similar on the market at the moment. I wrote this eBook after more then 9 years of experience with living in Great Britain. 

Ebook Exploring Life In Britain is for those who wish to stay in his beautiful country longer than a typical tourist. 

It will help you understand how to find a long-term accommodation if you want to avoid high costs of hotels or hostels.

It will explain in detail for example how to open a bank account, what personal documents you need or how to travel cheaply across the country among others. There is also a section about work.

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It is for those of you, who are going to Britain to study, travel, live and work. It is for those of you who wish to bring fresh air in their lives or who want to change it completely.

It is for everyone and it is for you


Adam Wojnar

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More hints like this: Life in the UK.