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What to expect from the family when you work as an au-pair

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What are the experiences of students and girls who worked as au-pairs?

We prepare these tips based on more than seven years of experience we have with finding jobs in Manchester for our clients.

Undervalued work
It is an excellent experience. Sometimes the families take their au-pairs on holiday around the world and children are not always so bad. However, it is necessary to reckon with the fact that the au-pair job is undervalued. Host families tend to add their au-pairs more work because they have the impression that they sit at home all days and have lots of free time.

Limited English
English in this environment is quickly improving, but it is difficult to achieve a better level.  This is due to the limited vocabulary of the children the au-pair takes care of and big difference in language skills between the au-pair and parents. Excellent combination is au-pair and weekend work at a bar or restaurant. Sometimes you can attend afternoon or evening courses in English at a language school.

Loneliness and friendship
Parents are not always interested in where their au-pair come from or may not talk together at all. Above all, it is because of the great difference in the knowledge of English between au-pair and parents that can lead to feelings of loneliness. On the other hand, au-pairs in one area know each other and can meet regularly.

Different habits
Great Britain is a multicultural country. Therefore, it may happen that the Czech au-pair gets into a family that professes different religion and practice different customs. It is necessary for the au-pair to know her host family before she moves to their place.

Excellent experience
No matter what the experiences of former au-pairs and opinions of people are, this is a great opportunity to experience life in a foreign country, get to know another culture, earn some pocket money and improve your English.

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More hints like this: FAQ.