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Accommodation in England – Stay in Manchester short term

Part-time work

Alternative-time work, as it can be also called, is common in the Western world. It is basically any working hours that is not eight hours a day five days a week. 

How to buy a real estate in England, part one

This year, I went through this process for the first time. Buying a house need not to be a horrible task if you prepare for it. 

Do the clock change in Britain?

In the UK the clocks go forward 1 hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March.

What is Bank Holiday? What does it mean and why is it called that way?

Bank Holiday is official public holiday in the UK and Commonwealth countries. By the way this is incorrect name for public holiday. Let me explain.

How to buy a real estate in England, part three, works continues (updated – works completed)

I approached the reconstruction carefully, especially the price of it. With staff we negotiated a date by which all works must be completed, and a fixed price was set before the works started. Now, no big problem should surprise me. 

How to buy a real estate in England, part two

Once I had chosen a suitable location and browsed about 150 ads on the Internet, I planned around 20 house tours to find out the situation on the market. 

What I like about Britain

The United Kingdom is still part of Europe, but it can firmly maintain its traditions

Business in Czech style

The issue of poisonous alcohol is growing and number of victims is increasing. I would not like to be an investigator when all the attention is focused on the results of investigation. What strikes me is the fact that apparently the reason was a quick profit. 

Digital City – The Sharp Project

The digital world is experiencing a real boom. Is it just a bubble or is it a real revolution?