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Life in the UK

Fireworks in London 2014

How London celebrated 2014.

What is eBook Life In Britain about?

This eBook is really unique, there is nothing similar on the market at the moment. I wrote this eBook after more then 9 years of experience with living in Great Britain. 

Public Transport in Manchester

There is no metro in Manchester. Metrolink is an equivalent of tram, elevated railway. Buses are not the most reliable means of transport.

Important documents - P45, P46, P60, NINo, pay slip, WRS

Familiarize yourself with important documents that are used to find a job in the UK.

Automobile, consider before buying

Before buying a car, you must consider some very important things that affect the costs of its operation. In the UK, cars, especially the older ones, are much cheaper. However, we can not compare only the purchase price; it does not affect the overall operation of the vehicle, which can be very expensive...

What documents to take with you to the UK

In the EU, you can travel only with an ID, but in terms of arranging the formalities in offices or at the bank, then only one identity document is not enough.

Beer in England

Truthfully, beer or lager is not among the most pleasing things that you can get in a bar in England.

Tax refund/Rebates – What to pay attention to

Have you decided to arrange a rebate of income tax yourself? Then pay attention to these things.

How much is a driving school in the UK?

How much is a driving school in the UK?

Jobs in England for couples with 98% success

How to find accommodation in England

You have never lived in the UK and want to go to seek employment on your own? You do not want any help from Czech or other agency? Then finding accommodation may not be so easy.

How to find an au-pair job

Probably the most widespread way how to look for au-pair stays is with the help of some of the agencies that offer this service. 

How to find a job in England

I get a lot of emails with asking for help. People ask if I know a reliable agency that helps to find jobs. I will tell you how to choose the right agency.

Own experience – Manchester and Public Transport

How to transport around Manchester? After arrival to the UK I had to realize, just like every other European, that driving directions are reversed here.

Experience with an au-pair job

What are people’s experiences with working in England as au-pairs? How is the care of children abroad?

Tax refund/Rebates for free

Taxation is a complex issue that accompanies us throughout our life and is constantly changing. The good news is that the rebate handling system is still the same. 

Driving license for the UK

When you need to replace your driving license and how long you are allowed to legally drive a car in the UK?

Easy transfer of pounds from Britain

Those who work in the UK need to transfer money from there back home sometimes. Here is a way how to perform it cheaply, easily and quickly.

Own experiance - Scotland

I want to go on a trip! Great Britain is not only London with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben clock tower and Tower Bridge. It is mainly the country which can offer much more. Just find the right place.