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Amaziing interview by two of our clients from Manchester.

Tomas is in Manchester nine months.

How to open a bank account in England

Great Britain is very cautious to whom it opens a bank account compared to other countries including the Czech Republic.

Looking for accommodation in UK on your own?

To find a suitable accommodation is not difficult, provided that you can prove your income and current address in the UK.

What is proof of address in the UK?

Check your documents. Here are some tips.

Be careful with your deposit for housing. What to ask your landlord or agent

Make sure that your landlord transferred your deposit to the depositary otherwise you run the risk that you will never get it back.

What to arrange for before going abroad? Bank, insurance, post office. Here are the essentials

Although it sounds unusual, it is appropriate to announce your departure to your bank. Do not leave a preventive doctor or dentist check up to the last moment.

Rare nature around a corner - The Peak Districk National Park

Spectacular nature, great weather and it is just 35 miles aways of the city - this is Peak District.

Shopping in Manchester - The Trafford Centre

The Trafford Centre is a large indoor shopping centre and leisure complex in Manchester.

Videoblog: Salford Quays, BBC and the old harbour

Salford Quays is very relaxing place.

Videoblog: Greeting from Manchester - Exchange Square

We are standing on Exchange Square in the Manchester city centre, which you can see right behind me.